The Process

 Each artwork is individually made and no two will ever be the same!
Artworks such as bowls, vases, lamps, vessels are thrown on the pottery wheel (in porcelain) - dried to leather hard and then the excess clay is trimmed away using a loop tool... and then they are left to dry out for the next stage.
My jewellery is also made from a porcelain clay body which is rolled out and then cut into shape. These are then placed between boards, weighted and left to dry.

This is when the pieces go through the first firing in the kiln... called the bisque firing. It takes about 8 hours for the firing and then the kiln is cooled and the clay pieces are ready for glazing.
The crystalline glaze is made from a combination of powered materials which are weighed, mixed with water and put through a fine sieve.
Colours are added during the mixing, in the form of mineral oxides such as copper oxide.
 At this stage, the glaze is a similar consistency to thickened cream and is usually pretty murky (or earthy) in colour.
The glaze is applied to the pieces and allowed to dry.  The glazed shapes are
then loaded into the kiln ready for the final firing... this is where the magic takes place...

Many people ask me if the crystals are actually stuck on (by me)... but here's what really happens...

The kiln is heated up to between 1220 and 1280 degrees and then goes through a slow cooling process. It is during the cooling of the kiln, that the crystals spring to life and actually grow within the glaze.  

Throughout each of these stages there are many elements that can go wrong and pieces can fail - and so it's absolutely wonderful when the firing is a success. 

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